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We pride ourselves on our unique approach to stage building. We consider not only the aesthetics of what the public sees, but we also appreciate the challenge of different technical and practical challenges. Putting these two aspects together guarantees a quality product that meets the needs of those in front of the stage, on stage and backstage.

Whether we create traditional sets, sculpt sculptural elements or use unconventional materials , our team works with precision to realize the vision of creatives and designers.

From dream to reality

The scenography for PSE Technologies is actually an additional actor, with irreplaceable role and value, and is a key element for the success of a show. Our main focus is “Design for Manufacture”. Quite simply the designs we engineer are aligned to the most “fit for purpose” manufacturing process, in the material that meets the product specifications. Time, quality and cost are the three key elements to consider when designing for the manufacturing process. A detailed plan and product specifications are critical steps to ensure these three key elements are implemented successfully. Our goal is to make every production project and construction period as stress-free as possible. We work with our client to develop and refine an overview of the project in support of the objectives.


Thinking of scenography, the thought goes directly to the world of theatre, but if we relate to the world of fashion, the main references become others. Essentially they will be the showcase – understood as a place of mediation between the street and the sales space – and the fashion shows, the maximum moment of representation of a brand towards the public and the media. The range of opportunities widens if we take into consideration the diversified opportunities that the fashion product has to deal with the outside world such as the trade fair stand, the fashion show and the exceptional event.

Emotion, surprise, theatrics, innovation and, last but not least, fashion. The inputs that a fashion show must be able to communicate to the public in a matter of minutes (everything, whether present in the hall or on a smartphone screen) are so many, and all so important, that it is hard to believe it can be done. One of the fundamental tools for achieving this goal is the scenography in which the different collections are presented: from the uniform and bare-bones salons to the Fiera, in recent years there has in fact been an explosion of ideas and installations that have distorted the very concept of the show .



QUADLOCK 6082 is an aluminum 4-point beam system. The individual elements are connected via four cones, pins and pins. QUADLOCK 6082 is made of EN-AW 6082 T6 (AlMgSi1 T6) alloy for even higher loads.
The advantage of the conical connection system is that the cones fit completely into the main chords so as to guarantee the maximum capacity of load. The Quick-Lock system enables fast, efficient and highly aesthetic assembly when truss structures are frequently assembled and disassembled.
The four main chords are made of 50mm aluminum tube with 2mm wall thickness and offer a good strength to weight ratio. The brackets have a diameter of 16 mm with a wall thickness of 2 mm and leave enough space for the installation of joints, hooks and clamps.
With external dimensions of 290 mm, QUADLOCK QQTR is a stable beam system for higher loads and longer service life. This system is primarily designed for intensive use in theater installations, trade fair installations, event installations but also for permanent installations in discotheques and theatres.
Its smooth surface makes this universal system a real eye-catcher. Thanks to its wide range of standard system lengths, angles and accessories, this system is highly versatile and offers unlimited design possibilities.
The production of this beam system is monitored by TUV. The loading table as a basis for calculation can be downloaded from the Internet before purchasing the product!

Note: This beam system must never be combined with other systems!

QUADLOCK 6082 4-point truss system black
QUADLOCK 6082 4-point truss system – 90º black
QUADLOCK 6082 aluminum 4-point truss system
QUADLOCK 6082 4-point truss system – 90º