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PSE Technologies or rather Ivan Peverada often collaborates with his brother Mauro Peverada when there are interventions of consolidation, restoration or reconstruction of ancient domes from scratch or simply works by Renzo Mongiardino. It is from architects of the calibration of Renzo Mongiardino that we learned the love for this type of work. We at PSE Technologies will be at your disposal to analyze any of your projects and calibrate a quote on the needs of your requests.


Our history is clear, PEVERADA is a global brand, 30 years ago we were in Qatar for the prince and governor, today we are all over the world. We have created all kinds of plaster artefacts, but the biggest challenge for us has always been to create objects that would have frightened others, we have created domes of all shapes of the most varied geometries among which the most frequent are barrel, barrel with lunette, pavilion, cross, dome, sail, umbrella, etc. We have made artifacts worldwide for each sector, from 18th century villas, to places of worship, mausoleums, government buildings in the sector naval. Today we are able to work any type of material, from plaster in all its forms and techniques, to plaster cement, concrete, fibre, composites and finally carbon. Bizarre, imaginative and original architects are a welcome challenge for us, we currently work for the most prestigious architectural firms in Milan and Creatives for high fashion.


Pse Technologies is able to create artistic concrete artefacts of any shape and size up to the production of real spiers for cathedrals and sacred places, produced in our laboratory, disassembled and then shipped. We currently manufacture, export and install in every corner of the globe. We create concrete products for any type of use, from architectural restoration to the ex novo construction of balustrades, capitals, pilasters, columns. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of new materials has allowed us over time to specialize in the recovery of historic buildings, carrying out in work of friezes and missing parts. Today we are able to create concrete products to decorate the facades of new buildings or to be renovated, providing decorations that faithfully reproduce the elements original architectural elements, cornices, pilasters, balustrades, stringcourses, every decorative element of the building facade can be made to measure, PSE Technologies combines design and craftsmanship, two worlds that are apparently distant but which in this case merge.