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Painters and decorators

If you’re embarking on a home, commercial or scenic renovation project and need to add finishing touches, PSE Technologies has the equipment you’ll need. We are the specialists in painting in all its aspects, including interior decoration and exterior decoration. Whatever your decorating project, we have the skills, experience and team to complete it to the highest standard.

Wall preparation

Often neglected or done hastily, actually preparing the wall, before painting it, is the most important work phase if you want to get a good final result. The wall must first of all undergo a good sanding and then a good brushing to remove dust and any other type of deposit. If the wall has cracks, they must be grouted. On the repaired cracks it is good practice to apply a coat of sealer with a brush. If the wall is particularly damaged and there are many cracks, it will be advisable to apply the insulation to the entire wall. The insulator has the function of making the wall uniform and also acts as an anchor for the paint, thus allowing for greater durability over time.


Behind the brushes and color samples, there is a team of experts who implement the ideas and projects of the most demanding customers. In our team we are passionate about work but above all about quality. All of our painters and decorators have at least five years of experience and paint every day, all day long! These experts have earned their professionalism through hard input for quality, meticulous attention to detail and an eye for perfection. We know how important your project is, so we won’t stop until you’re happy with the result. We aim to be the most dedicated painting and decorating service on your project.



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