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The first steps in this sector were taken by the father Celestino Peverada back in 1957, after years apprenticeship as an employee plasterer at a company in Milan. The turning point came and in that year (1957) the father opened his first VAT number, the sons Ivan and Mauro joined their father’s business in a second time, transforming it and bringing it to international levels.

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PSE Technologies, a company founded on January 1, 2009, was born after the decision of Ivan Peverada to detach a sector from the company F.lli Peverada snc (1992) and provide an ad hoc service to the world of Fashion and Luxury in the Construction, Scenographic and Artistic sector.

Initially as a branch of the Fratelli Peverada snc, later as a completely independent company active in the high fashion sector, as a reference partner of Ralph Lauren USA and in the restoration of villas in the 700, in particular places of worship, Italian and foreign government buildings and luxury villas of Italian and international personalities of note. From 2009 to 2017 PSE Technologies continued to work for major fashion brands in the all-round scenography sector and in 2015 launched into the production of LED panels, now used by Rinascente Milano through Ralph Lauren to backlight scenographies, showcases in plexiglas and duratrans and always by Ralph Lauren for various events at Palazzo R.L in Milan. PSE Technologies is a company active in the production and creation of plaster and cement artefacts, in the scenic sector, in the restoration of ancient villas and buildings, in the creation and installation of artistic false ceilings, architectural acoustics, plasterboard and thermal and acoustic insulation, decorations and sacred stuccos, as well as the maintenance of commercial and public buildings, sectors in which it boasts solid know-how based on the experience and professionalism of its staff, made up of technicians, installers and modellers.
PSE TECHNOLOGIES S.R.L. PSE Technologies is constantly evolving and over the years has specialized more in the scenographic sector and LED lighting systems, abandoning the building sector a little. On 1 June 2022 PSE Technologies turns into PSE Technologies S.r.l. an almost obligatory choice due to the continuous growth and the introduction of new sectors such as electrical systems and maintenance, to the painting which currently manages the maintenance of many outlets in Italy.


Hobbies and free time: I love racing bikes, photography, video editing, sailing boats, kayaks, and motorbikes, both Harley Davidson and BMW. I am passionate about electronics, information technology and of course music, in particular I love everything that produces music. As a technician, I have been invited several times to test audio systems (in the Marche region) such as Void Audio. I am very familiar with both audio and lighting distribution in Italy having dealt with it directly. in 2017 I represented for Italy the Amate Audio brand (Spain) audio speakers of excellent workmanship. I have always been involved in volunteering for humanitarian purposes by helping local associations by always providing my services and my systems (audio and lighting service) free of charge.


The quality policy of PSE Technologies srl is closely related to the Mission, that of satisfying the expectations of its reference customers through:
  • The constant adaptation of the services and operational tools offered to the best standards on the market.
  • The active attitude towards quality.
  • The application of continuous improvement techniques aimed at customer satisfaction.
  • The training of all personnel involved in the processes of the quality management system.
PSE Technologies srl has defined quality as an objective to be applied systematically.