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PSE Technologies has been operating for some time in the private luxury sector, luxury haute couture, ancient villas, luxurious hotels, places of worship. This experience has made us a famous signature in the world of decoration. PSE Technologies works exclusively on request by creating unique and personalized objects destined for unique places. Our inspiration is the great decorations of the past but at the same time our mastery of the techniques has allowed us to create particular, classic and modern embellishments even in today’s homes. Our staff will be happy to analyze any of your problems and calibrate a quote on the needs of your requests or decorative restoration, giving a quote to your projects and the moldings you request.

Decorative plaster

Term that refers to the relief decoration of the wall surface or to the configuration of the architectural detail through the application of a material whose main components are gypsum and lime, mixed together in different proportions and with the possible addition of other substances. The easy availability, the easy modeling and the low cost of the materials motivate the widespread use of stucco in the Middle Ages, which in any case requires the intervention of specialized workers. The choice of materials and their proportions are linked to the need to maintain a good degree of workability for the mix, as well as secure adherence to the substrate and good mechanical resistance. During the Middle Ages, stucco was characterized by the prevalent presence of plaster, unlike Roman stucco which was essentially based on lime and sand; for northern Europe the tradition of plaster stucco continued into the Baroque. The stucco technique has been considered a real sculptural art since ancient Roman times and is still used today.


Like any material, stucco is not spared time and the restoration requires several operations. The first is cleaning: for surface deposits such as dust, soft dry brushes and/or vacuum cleaners are enough. The phase that restores safety to the parts of the work that could become detached is defined as consolidation and can be of two types. Surface consolidation is ideal for intervening on small parts that risk detaching, and the actual grouting! No, it’s not a joke: even small or large defects in an artistic stucco must be repaired and filled with special mixtures. What if… We were faced with a large portion of stucco that had already been detached for a long time? Well, then we can create a cast of the original to put in place of the missing part! PSE Technologies is a leader in this sector, today it offers ad hoc services for every type of request or need ranging from restoration to brand new.


One day a gentleman rang in the Peverada Brothers laboratory, it was Marco Belloni and his son Giovanni with a wish and some ideas.

Marco B. told us that he wanted to build a theater in the old shed that had just been renovated and above all in memory of his father.

We evaluated carefully and in the end we accepted the assignment, we didn’t have a design, they were produced simultaneously with the works and we often had to interpret Marco’s ideas.

Thanks to the ideas of Mauro Peverada, the management of Ivan Peverada and the whole team, the theater took shape and today we can say that it is the smallest theater in the world but also the most beautiful.